Chcete koupit PROSALON? Tak do toho! / Хотите купить PROSALON? Тогда вперёд!
Roman Godek
Roman Godek je prezidentem rodinné společnosti Chantal.
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PROSALON a historie společnosti Chantal.
Chantal is a Polish company operating in the cosmetics industry since 1989. Since its inception, we have been producing high quality cosmetics based on our own original recipes that are developed with regard to the latest global trends. Since the early nineties, care, coloring and styling cosmetics have been the main direction of the development of the company. Chantal focuses primarily on product innovation, modern packaging design, the best value for money and the rate of response to market trends and consumer expectations.

The company's product offer includes both professional cosmetics for PROSALON hairdresser's and those dedicated for the retail market, offered as part of the Variete and Sessio series. Due to the use of modern technological solutions, Chantal cosmetics are constantly being improved. The company has its own research and development department, where they produce most innovative recipes and a laboratory that has control over the quality of products brought to the market. Thanks to the care, the PROSALON flagship brand is today the strongest Polish brand in the hairdressing industry.

Professionalism and commitment of the professionals working in the company make the sales of the products successful not only on the domestic market but also in over 25 export countries.

Chantal was the first Polish cosmetics company to have implemented, in 2002, the production of a series of hair dyes for hairdressers, and now it is also the first company, this time even the first in Central Europe, to introduce a new keratin hair smoothing system without formaldehyde. In 2007, the company also received the ISO 9001 certificate.

Chantal cosmetics repeatedly gained recognition in the eyes of the organizers of International events. The company's collection includes both distinctions (the Gdansk International Fair) and gold medals (the MTP fair, the International Festival of Hairdressing in Dubai – the United Arab Emirates).

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